Arch Feeds

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Arch Feeds

Commex Partners is a developer and supplier of innovative speciality materials and ingredients for the animal feed industry under the Arch Feeds brand.

We use state of the art technology to manufacture our products, such as milling, sifting, mixing, steeping and Cold-Press extraction.

We guarantee highest quality standards in combination with individual customer service and flexibility. In cooperation with our customers we actively and efficiently work out creative, tailor-made solutions and concepts that match their specific requirements.

Why Arch Feeds?

Arch Feeds products are 100% pure and natural, no preservatives, additives, binders or fillers.

Arch Feeds products will give your horse the equivalent benefits at any time of the year. Harvest at the optimum time and their unique process preserves all the taste and nutrients to keep your horse at its best.

Our Production

Arch Feeds employs unique technologies, as well as very well-known traditional technologies to transform nature into outstanding ingredients.

Arch Feeds cares about nature, we strive to make our manufacturing processes to be eco-compatible. The quality of our products is controlled by following the highest safety and quality standards and by respecting the regulatory guidelines in every step of the process.


Dehulled Sunflower Seed Meal Pellet

Feed Grade Sunflower Husk Pellet