About Us

Our Company 

Commex Partners is a trading name of Commodity Trade Partners Ltd. We specialise in innovative industries from, nutraceuticals, medicare and industrial solutions. 

Commex Partners constantly improves processes and results, creating new product categories with the aim of opening new opportunities for our clients. One principle is shared by all the Commex innovative areas: everything we do is based on the knowledge that the spirit of trust, with our clients and within our own company, is the indispensable foundation stone for every kind of qualitative and quantitative growth for the company. 

We have three unique divisions in, Basalt Technology, Agricultural Commodities and Animal Feed manufacturing.


To sustain the high level of qualified personnel and build a professional team committed to serve our clients. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust, through exceptional performance by every member of the construction team. 

To be the leading firm worldwide in the field of road infrastructure and construction. Commex Partners will strive to offer excellent services by providing high quality of work, applying the latest available technology for the industry, and seeking more joint ventures with international companies to have the opportunity in higher weighted projects. 


Core Values 
Our values reflect our focus on customer satisfaction, the importance of our people to our success and our commitment to Shaping a Better Life. 

 The Commex Partners values:  

  • A demand for success 
  • Listening to and satisfying the customer 
  • An enterprising and professional approach 
  • Courage and truth 
  • A sense of common interest and solidarity 
  • Respect for people and for commitments 


Corporate Ambition 
Sustainable construction represents an irreversible evolution of our business and one that we embrace to ensure that we leave a positive legacy for the generations to come. 

Beyond the inherent quality of the buildings and infrastructure we deliver, we recognise our obligation to consider the impact of our activities on the environment and on natural resources over the long term; from design and construction to operation and maintenance. 

Commex Partners is committed to engineering high-performance technical solutions that address environmental, social and economical concerns in a considerate and sustainable manner in the following ways: 

  • Projects: Redefine the idea of value by introducing a more integrated approach in the management of projects 
  • Partners: Foster a network of suppliers and customers to drive an efficient and respectful way of doing business 
  • Environment: Build environmentally-responsible and intelligent infrastructure that better integrates its surrounding 
  • Community: Demonstrate insight and involve the local communities and associations to create a lasting positive legacy 
  • People: Provide a safe, respectful and inclusive work environment that allows growth both professionally and personally